5th Wheel Hitch Adapter

5th wheel hitch adapter

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Nikon BR-2A Adapter Ring

Nikon BR-2A Adapter Ring

I got this macro adapter ring, also known as a reversal ring, last night. It is used to reverse a lens to get macro capability with a non-macro lens.

I thought I knew how this would work, as my film camera had a macro lens. That lens allowed me a smaller working distance, so I was able to focus on objects close to the camera. Using the macro ring was a surprisingly different experience.

I attached the adapter to the camera (where I would normally attach a lens), and then attached my 50mm to that, backward. The adapter was fairly easy to attach, but the lens took some effort to screw on.

Once set up, I looked through the viewfinder, and could barely see because everything was so greyish and dark. After attempting a few photos anyway, which came out dark, I realized that the aperture on the lens was manually set to f22. I adjusted the lens aperture, with the manual adjustment ring on the lens, and set it to f1.8.

I was getting a lot more light at that point, was able to see through the lens, and my test shots were better.

Then came the attempts to identify the working distance and the focus. With this setup, you focus by moving the camera toward the object until it comes into focus. I was aware of this, and am used to doing this when I'm focusing on something close anyway, but it was surprisingly difficult. Mostly, I think, because I was focusing on items on low tables, or on the couch arm next to me, it was a lot of leaning down. Also, I wasn't seeing a lot of crisp focus through the lens, everything seemed just slightly out of focus at any point. I realized the best technique for me to find the focus was to move toward the object and continue to move in closer as it came into focus. At some point I would see it moving back out of focus and then I would move back and take the shot.

The next challenge was composition. The level of magnification means that you can photograph about an inch of something, so you have to find enough contrast, variety, and interest in that one small area.

I had some little craft projects next to me that I had been working on for my nephews, so I started photographing those, the drawings, the construction paper, the pencil shavings. And this inspired me!

For the first few minutes of trying to use this adapter, I was unimpressed, and disappointed. I thought it basically didn't work. Then when I got it working, I still thought I wouldn't be able to do much. But once I really got started, I discovered the potential of this setup, and I'm looking forward to using it more, and experimenting more.

Adapter "Sprocket Hole Revolution"

Adapter "Sprocket Hole Revolution"

This is what you get, if you buy a 35mm to 120 film adapter. Looks like old chewing gum. Look at the out of center holes at the end. Best of it: they are to short to be useful.

5th wheel hitch adapter

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5th wheel hitch adapter

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